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Avogadro Auto Optimization Screencast

Geoff showed me a new screencast he created recently. It is made using the latest Avogadro, and is one of the first screencasts with our new and improved user interface. Geoff has also added some audio commentary with notes on the chemical relevance of the auto optimization tool. Check it out and let us know what you think - a new release of Avogadro is coming soon.

I will hopefully find the time to make a few new screencasts soon too. Between my one month old son, day job and waiting on my visa application (does not take any real time - some mental drain) I have not had much spare time to code or blog. Remember that Avogadro was nominated for the SourceForge community choice awards too - click on the link below to vote for us.


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Leo S on :

Leo SWow, looks amazing. I wish I had this to play around with in Chem class.

XaverXN on :

XaverXNWow... You guys are amazing!
Keep up the great work, avogadro is a major contribution to FLOSS&Co!
This is what modern multimedia-supported chemistry teaching should look like...

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