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Avogadro 1.0.0 Released!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Avogadro 1.0.0. After many years of work we have released what we consider to be a stable Avogadro release on Mole Day, which seems appropriate given the projects's name. There are still some rough edges, but I think this is a good release. With your help we can fix bugs in the release while working on new features in trunk.

Avogadro - Code Swarm from Marcus Hanwell on Vimeo.

What better time to look back to the beginnings of Avogadro. There was a blog post made today by Sourceforge about Avogadro detailing a little of that history. I have also made a code_swarm movie visualizing the history of the Avogadro project. There have been quite some changes in that time both at a project level and a personal level.

I would like to thank Google for sponsoring me for a GSoC project in the summer of 2007. Also Geoff Hutchison for giving me the opportunity to work with him at the University of Pittsburgh on interesting computational and visualization projects. Then there is my new employer, Kitware, who have provided me with an exciting opportunity to push scientific visualization and cross platform development to its limits.

To finish off a great day, my wife has informed me my new espresso machine has arrived! I am going to Camp KDE in January too!


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Benoit Jacob on :

Benoit JacobCongrats on the huge milestone! I have lots of great memories hacking with you!

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellThanks. You were a great mentor - I had an awesome summer of code. We were talking about Eigen today actually, your ear's may have been burning. I am really pleased we got to 1.0 (later than we originally planned though). Here is hoping for a long future for the Avogadro project.

Hadi on :

HadiHi Marcus,
Thank you very much indeed for releasing Avogadro software for no cost. I noticed when I work with avogadro is the programme stops itself unexpectedly and I have to start again. is there any solution for this. I'm afraid this is inevitable at any session.

Best wishes,
Sheffield University

Wilhelm Eger on :

Wilhelm EgerThanks a lot for the whole work to Marcus and the Avogadro team. I am watching the development of this software quite a long time now and since the 0.9 series I try to use it as often as possible for my day to day work.

It is missing some functions yet, but I is an awesome work!


Donald Ephraim Curtis on :

Donald Ephraim CurtisCongrats Marcus! I am glad that the project kept going after my parting to try an actually get my PhD :-) It looks great and I'm glad I got the opportunity to work on this project. It was a huge learning experience and it's in good hands now.

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellThanks Donald. It was a pleasure working with you, I learned a lot from you before your departure. Good luck with the PhD! There is still so much that could be done with Avogadro, but I think this is a big milestone. You are always more than welcome if you fancy popping your head back around the door ;-)

Fu-qiang Zhang on :

Fu-qiang ZhangDear Doctor, do you have plan adding the feature of QuteMol ( to our Avogadro?

Marcus D. Hanwell on :

Marcus D. HanwellQuteMol is certainly a visualization application we have looked at, and I would love to see the ambient occlusion features added to Avogadro. In truth Avogadro is focused on editing, and is mostly written in our spare time without funding. There are so many things I would love to add to Avogadro, and it is often hard to decide what to spend the little free time I have on.

It is great to hear about what people are doing with it, and I hope to continue development. There are quite a few other developers too, and we always welcome new contributors.

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